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Even after you have visited us and given us your attention, we know that you are looking for added value to your wardrobe. And that's exactly what the Pentagon brand can offer you. The Pentagon takes care of the quality, innovation, aesthetics and usability of products. We will make it easier for you to reach them with certain benefits. When you enjoy and explore the online store under the long and wide, you will end up with an additional discount at the time of purchase. Don't forget to take advantage of our TACTICAL code. All you have to do is enter the right code.

If you do have some problem without hesitation, call us on T: +386 3 620 89 82 or write to us at E: info@upline.si to help you before ordering to confirm the desired discount.


With the TACTICAL5 code up to 5% discount on purchases over € 50 + VAT


With the TACTICAL10 code up to 10% discount on purchases over € 100 + VAT


With the TACTICAL15 code up to 15% discount on purchases over € 200 + VAT

The Pentagon's clothing, footwear and equipment are in fact an eternal classic among sports tactical equipment. What is this supposed to mean? Nothing but that we have e.g. a Pentagon jacket in your closet for years without ever thinking of replacing it. Their value is eternal and unique.

But you are also unique. Sporty, active, fashionable and curious. We get to know you better every day, you give us new opinions and new views. That is why we have a new idea. We want to share socializing, experiences and new acquaintances with you. Look forward to your experience of products that are or will become a mandatory part of your wardrobe.

And also with your unique experiences which you are already diligently sending us via the FB messages of our site. We will write, think, debate and share experiences about this ( with your permission, of course) also in our Blog and on the FB page: https://www.facebook.com/sporttactical/. We will also grow, socialize and connect together in our FB group: Move boundaries - Premikajmo meje. Join us! Follow us. Share us. Thank you very much.