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What are cookies? Cookies are small files of information that are temporarily stored on your computer when you visit a website. In this way, the website recognizes you, remembers the information about your visit and provides you with a friendly and simpler online service. With the help of cookies, we customize the content on our website, remember your preferences and record visits to our online store. Browsing our website / store is more pleasant, faster and, above all, more efficient with cookies.

Cookies are an integral part of modern websites and are not in themselves harmful, do not contain viruses or any other malicious code. Cookies do not give the website operator access to the computer and the data collected in this way through cookies does not include personal data. We use SESSION COOKIES for the needs of our website / store. These are necessary for the operation of the system for editing and displaying content and ensure the proper reception of e-mails and content on the website. Cookies are deleted when the user leaves the website.


The Office of the Information Commissioner divides cookies mainly according to invasiveness:

• temporary or session cookies

• persistent or stored cookies

• own cookies

• other cookies

Each type of cookie is treated differently in the legislation and guidelines of the Commissioner, which makes it difficult for website owners and web developers to comply with the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1) and requires them to learn in detail about the privacy of cookies. -awareness of their web visitors as well. In the case of more invasive cookies, however, they must obtain consent from visitors to use them. How to manage cookies? Most web browsers allow you to set your cookies. You can reject cookies or accept them with a function that is already built into web browsers. If you decline cookies, you may continue to use our website, but certain subpages may not work properly.


Cookie name Cookie type Cookie description Cookie duration

woocommerce_cart_hash system Cookie helps to determine the contents of the cart and / or changes to the cart. Conclude the session

woocommerce_items_in_cart system Cookie helps to determine the contents of the cart and / or changes to the cart. Conclude the session

wp_woocommerce_session_ systemic Contains a unique ID code for each customer, which allows him to search the database for the correct products for the cart. He remembers a choice from days gone by. 2 days

mp_checkoutmain system A system cookie necessary for the operation of the online store. 30 days

newsletter system A system cookie that indicates whether a user has subscribed to e-news. 60 days

gdpr_agreements system A system cookie designed to remember to agree to cookies. 3 years

c_user, datr, fr, pl, sb, wd, xs functional Cookies used by Facebook to share content. from 1 week to 2 years

1P_JAR, ANID, APISID, CONSENT, AID, HSID, NID, OTZ, SAPISID, SID, SIDCC, SSID Functional Cookies used by Google to share content. from 30 days to 2 years

_ga, _gid Analytical Cookies used by Google Analytics to track view statistics. up to 2 years

Manage cookies in your browser

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but the browser automatically deletes cookies when they expire. The user can also delete all cookies or cookies for an individual website (domain) manually or disable the use of cookies in the browser completely. Instructions for deleting cookies or disabling their use can be found in the help section of your web browser. If you disable the use of cookies completely, some functionalities of the website will not work properly.



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